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Cáceres: a site of creativity with ceramics

My project is to share moments I had with potters from Cáceres who share their relationships with the practice of ceramics and the discussion proposed here will also be fueled by my experience as an educator in an introductory workshop on clay manipulation. In this way, the article will be divided into the following sections: Visit to Avelino Carrasco's workshop, visit to Maria Jesus' Caracol Maltravieso store, visit to Juan Perez's workshop and finally the experience with the children.

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See you soon!

The project comes to an end, and with it a mixture of emotions. New adventures are coming and beautiful memories remain of this stage lived. Closing the cycle, we want to share the last article adding some activities that we carry out and some personal reflection on our stay in La Jarilla.

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Wisdom chest

One of the tasks to be highlighted in this project is the importance that is given to the recovery of traditions, to that ancestral wisdom linked to the rural that due to the lifestyle that predominates in our realities has been set aside, thus risking losing a lot of valuable knowledge that can help us to return to natural lifestyle. In this article Lui and I collected a small part of that ancestral wisdom through the story of José.

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Construction of a store with straw bales

During our stay in La Jarilla we carried out the construction of a store with bioconstruction techniques. The process was full of learning and fun, but also setbacks and problems, which prompted our minds to document ourselves and find creative solutions. In this article, I try to summarize the process.

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Our first contact with La Jarilla's beautiful project

In this article we briefly show you the tasks that we have and are carrying out here in the Jarilla during our long-stay volunteering, an opportunity provided by the European Solidarity Corps and the IMORA Association.

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