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We present to you Laura and Luiani - our new volunteers. Welcome to the family!

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David´s experience in La Jarilla

David - a positive guy, eager to discover, learn and to get closer to the nature. Here you have his experience of his project in the association IMORA written in first person. Thank you very much, mate!

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Goodbye, Agnese!

With love and with this little interview we say goodbye to our volunteer Agnese who has already finished her service in the project. Here you have one more home. See you!

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Hello! This post is more an update to keep you informrd and to help me remember what happened and what i did in La Jarilla during autumn time. So lets start! Ps. As I mentioned on previous post we started the winter garden so on this post we will see the progress of how things are now and much more so keep up.

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Summer in La Jarilla

Hi everyone! Long time no see! So we decided to suprise you with another blog post. In this post we want to share with you some of the main things what we have done during the summertime in La Jarilla.

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