News from our day to day

Veggies: growing, harvesting, canning

A short overview of what this summer has been like in our garden.

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RITMO NATURAL (Caótica Belleza)

Sharing some good memories from the festival RITMO NATURAL that took place in Plasenzuela on June 30th earlier this year.

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The Saga Continues!

Alright, alright, alright! A tiny insight about the last month. Monfragüe, garden stuff, friendly insects and arrows.

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Yet another entry!

Greetings, citizens of the Earth! This time I shall discuss donkey logistics and how to skin a goat without her noticing it.

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Good news, everyone!

Welcome! My name is Oskar and I have just started my volunteers adventure here in Albergue La Jarilla. I'll be updating the blog on our progress on improving and maintaining this place as well as some daily insights on what is going on here.

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