News from our day to day


  The end of the autumn and winter season is spent focusing more on other activities, not so much on garden or canning anymore. However, I can happily say that plants in winter garden love to grow, despite everything, here I  talk about animals,dooh, it's like a never ending fight with them. Still I think we did a prety good job in the garden (and it looks like that animals thought the same even sometimes it seams that they are against us and always manage to eat or destroy something)  so here's a little look at what we have been able to successfully grow - beans, green peas, spinach, acelga - white and red, salads, rucola, cauliflower, parsley, some onions and probbably I miss something.

Enough of garden, the next cool thing was making some marmalades from quinces. By the way that's my favourite one so far, you deffenetly need to make one at home. So delicious,mmm. . And we also made marmalade from green bell pepper,sounds good right? Just give it a try!

Mmm sweet and delicious homemade marmalades

Another small thing was  harvesting last basil from garden before cold winter days starts.  From dryed basil we make fantastic green salt or pesto it depends of how much basil we have.


The smell of fresh basil.. and the smell of dryed basil, so strong. One, two, three and tarrrā the green salt is ready for use

Other task what  we did was picking up some wild sorrel and rosehip fruits


To make tasty rosehip fruit tee which by the way is super rich in vitamin c

After from these small green leaves we made  tasty  sorrel soup. Needless  to say that we really enjoy the things what nature gives us for free. Thanks nature for that :)

In november I took a part by helping on a lot of different events such as Halloween party for kids, metal detecting event and  "Muestra social" event of Cooperative ACTYVA  in Cáceres.  

Workshop with children at Halloween party in  cultural center of  Plasenzuela

And the metal detecting competition craziness begins now

Despite the weather it was very well attended event

Working team after cleaning the place of event. Still quite happy

On 23th and 24th of November in Cáceres there was celebrated an event called AUTÖCTONO, organized by Foundation OXIGENO in collaboration with Cooperative ACTYVA. There you could find a market with different ecological products, workshops like spinning yarn, showcooking, vine and olive oil tasting, local artists painting, live music and more. The idea behind this market  is to show more support to our local products and producers of Extramadura to make the  economy more sustainable and more solidary. And to make the world a better place (: 

Another thing worth to mention is visiting the garden and house of our friends Carlos and Carolina in Monterremoso.  The garden was so mindblowing -  full with a lot of different plants (some of them I even didn't know the names) and fruit trees. So much beauty in one place, just look at it...





Some other things happened in La Jarilla: 

On positive way to end the month, we took  a part in a big challange organized by Red Ibérica de Guardianes del Bosque LA GRAN BELLOTADA IBÉRICA activity that has an aim to plant 25 millions acorns throughout all Iberian Peninsula to combat the climate crisis. Our organization IMORA also formed the cell to collect acorns and then plant them here in our fields of Plasenzuela.


Just spent some good and quality time together. And hope to see the oak trees here in the future (:


The newest members of La Jarilla. Hah, and always that one chicken is around the goat.

While waiting for the new volunteers to arrive in La Jarilla we've been preparing their living place - chozo - some restoring work for the roof and other small things.

Sorry for the mess around but it is what it is while working. Almost prepared roof :)


On weekends most of the time I enjoy go hiking for some fresh air. Also we were at the annual medieval market  in Cáceres. There you had an opportunity to feel three differente cultures (Arabic, Jewish and Cahtolic) coming all together. In the market there were a lot of crafts and handmade stuff, you can even watch how they make things in front of your eyes. And of course a lot of delicious foooood. 

On my way to La Horca, it' s always a good idea to go for a walk


Just ordinary tourist photo in Cáceres


What you really must see is the Museum of Cáceres.  And if one time isn't enought you can visit it twice as I did (:

The musicians at Medieval  event, till the last detail in those times