News from our day to day

PDC course in La Jarilla

Starting the course with some theoretical knowledge...


But very soon on to hands-on activities.


Compost and organic fertilizers.


Our permanent habitants also seem to be enjoying the course.


Some more practical activities - designing and creating a garden in accordance with permaculture principles.


Our good friends and helpers at work.


Trying hand at bioconstruction.


Great meals after great work. Thanks to our skilful chef Eva!


In the meantime looking for patterns everywhere – in the trees, on the ground, in our food...


Combining existing and newly gained knowledge in order to develop great group projects.


Presenting, explaining and defending the group projects.


But not everything is just about the work. It's time to play some music!


Or to take a break from being too serious.


Also never forgetting to keep observing the marvelous nature that is all around us.


Hugs and congratulations on successful completion of the course.


A genuine joy for the newly obtained permaculture design certificate (PDC).


Thanks to the amazing and inspirational teachers – Sílvia da Floresta, Jonás Dallador and Sara Baga!


Experiences and tips exchanged, great memories gained, friendships and connections established. See you all some other time!