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Reflections of volunteer Fulvia

"Permaculture teaches that conscious observation of the environment is essential for conscious management of nature. This is done by observing and reproducing the patterns already present in nature, so as to create abundance and continuous re-utilisation of energies as nature would do. This way of cultivation allows us to live in complete harmony with the environment".

Before arriving at Asociacion IMORA I thought to have some basic knowledge of permaculture, however, the project widely broaden my previous ideas. One thing I learned here that I had missed before is the reasoning for those competencies, the emotion and energy behind them:  why do I want to know about permaculture, which scopes do I want to serve? Previous to this project I could not answer these questions. In short, I missed the big picture and profound sense to choose learning permaculture.

Thanks to this project, I became aware that the big picture and the deep reasoning for learning permaculture are connected to the desire and need to live on a healthier planet and to be able to leave a suitable planet for the next generations. It is about learning that nature can serve us, but for that, we too should first serve nature.

The practices I have learned have not only allowed me to understand specific permaculture and other techniques but also allowed me to understand the use of permaculture as a means of reciprocity between a person and the soil. Nothing is taken away without giving back to nature. In permaculture you don't just want to cultivate, you also want to revitalise the soil in order to create even more prosperity. The same applies to the whole environment and I'm not just talking about caring for nature, it's also about revitalising emotions and energies, it's about prioritising your own and your family's wellbeing. It is about using but not wasting energy, valuing each element in relation to another and valuing the energy behind it. I learned all of this thanks to the great family is behind this project.
Finally, from this project, I bring home the ability to answer those questions I didn't even ask myself before. A new understanding of the necessity of fertile soil for society's wellbeing, and the desire to continue learning from nature.
Thank you to the La Jarilla family/Asociacion IMORA for teaching me so much.

- Fulvia -