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Summer in La Jarilla





First we want to share one of our activities in collaboration with association Accion Rural : making a workshop at a children camp in Sierra de Montanchez. This workshop was about recognizing local plants and then painting them to make a bouquet as a present for someone.






Other task : picking-up "chumbos" and cut them to make ice-cream for example, hard moment for your hands :p 

This fruit groes during the summer and is produced by a "Cactacea" plant from México that is now present in all the Méditerranean coast.








Working about holistic managment and permaculture, an interesting and rewarding moment to learn about these subjects that are stil unknown for a lot of people.










One important thing you need to do when you have a garden is collecting the seeds and make a seed bank. In La Jarilla almost all seeds we collect by ourselves or at least try to do that :)

In this picture you can see the process of drying oregano.








 We also organized an Intercultural night with other volunteers representing Latvia, Italy, France and Spain. We shared some typical food from our countries, but also musics and happiness !! It was an amazing night :)









Here we made the pesto of tomatoes after we picked up them from the garden. The process is quite easy so here's the recipe : first you dry the tomatoes then you just take some seeds or nuts for example sunflower,pumkin seeds or almonds  mix them together and grind them. After that you fill all of the ingredients in the jar, add a little bit of salt and oregano and the rest of the jar you fill with olive oil.

















A few weeks ago, we started the winter garden and something has already started to grow : beans and peas !!

Other example of what we seeded there : rucula, spinach, carrots, garlic, coliflor, lettuce, acelga and also potatoes.

An important tool about permaculture pratices is to cover the soil, for example, with straw, it will protect soil, microorganisms and your plants of cold weather, evaporation of water and other of environmental circumstances. 



On September 21st we celebrated the festival "Ritmo Natural" here in La Jarilla. We organized a workshop about recognizing seeds (only by touching them), a nice activity for all ages. There were also other workshops for children (making music instruments with recycled materials, making healthy vegan snacks, by the way really delicious) and others more for adults.








We also helped with another workshop for children here in Plasenzuela. We were dyeing t-shirts with them in collaboration with association Appach.









Recently we made a fence to protect the trees from animals.