News from our day to day

The Saga Continues!

I should start by noting that there is going to an awesome, homebrewed festival at the end of June. Everyone is welcome, no entrance fee.

We will hook you up with cool activities, artesanian goods and great, alternative, live music (no reggaeton allowed.jk.jk)


Numero uno: Garden progress

Fancy a squash? Because that's what we have heaps of. Tomatoes are ripening and getting big. So are the cucumbers.

Chickpeas will soon be ready to harvest and hopefully watermelons will wake up since they were waiting for the hotter weather.

Goodbye, radish! Hello, salad!

My buddy got too tired way too fast while planting tomatoes.

Still to green, but worth the wait. 

We plant seeds to grow sprouts, to plant sprouts, to grow plants, to get seeds to grow sprouts to plant plants. Easy.

Early photo of our drip irrigation lines.


Numero dos: Local wildlife

This foam ball is where the toads come from.

A extremely annoyed moth.

My upstairs neighbor. Super fast, opportunistic, with excellent eyesight and shy personality.

Once you get to know him, he's a pretty cool guy.

A dragonfly.

This is where we come, from time to time, to spy on birds since we got invited to be a part of a birding association. Rumors say that there is an owl living on top of the dam.

We also got reeeeeeeeeealy lucky and found a black storks nest, with the whole bird inside and a few eggs. Sadly, for safety reasons no pictures to share.

A badgers butt. 

With the help of Duth eco-wildlife students we got a hold of these night-time pictures to see what crazy action goes on around here when the sun goes down.

Weasel. Too fast for a mug shot.

Same dude, but now on a rock. Marvelous!


Numero tres: Everything else

Mighty archers practicing their aim.

There was an archery championship set around the lodge. People of all ages showing what they got.

Here is the one and only Arrowguy and his sidekick 50/50.

No plastic animal should feel safe around these parts.

Their weapon of choice, duh.

Everybody, calm down! He is a professional stuntboar, he knows what he's doing.

Sacrificial grounds where in ancient times you would pour blood and milk on this rock to appease the elements and ensure your well-being.

Now this is where you leave your old iphone for a chance to get a newer one.

Monfragüe National park. Vulture headquarters.

Starts easy..

... and leads to a more peculiar route.

View from the top of the Monfragüe castle hill. Picture does no justice really.


Milo ke Mandarini, live in Womad festival. Can't wait to see them on stage here in Plasenzuela!

Spanish Hulk - trendy, into sports and rocks blond bangs. Shoes are for fools!

I took this picture in Los Barruecos, where storks live in harmony with modern art. 

Whole area covered with huge rocks, riddled with stork nests and huge ponds. And almost in the middle of it all is a museum of modern arts built  by the German artist Wolf Vostell on the foundation of and old

18th-century wool-washing house. Rural setting outside and striking abstractions inside make the whole experience surreal, surprising ang totally worth it.

 СтопХам takes it too the max.


Lastly: Things that were also done

Fixed didgeridoos and now they sound as great as new.

We hosted German travelers, students from America and Netherlands.