News from our day to day

Winter in La Jarilla

Hello! We're back with some updates on our colder weather activities.


Winter season is spent focusing more on other activities, not so much garden anymore. However, we have also been using this time to create a new food forest – starting from putting up a fence, loosening and fertilizing the soil with previously prepared compost, covering land with straws, planting fruit trees and now just waiting for the summer to continue with further activities.


Also we've been creating a new compost for future needs. One layer, another layer, and another one... Using some manure, coals, straws. And eventually covering everything up to let the nature do its job.


In the meantime, the ''old'' garden is getting greener and greener thanks to the rainy season. Very soon an active work is about to begin in there as well.


As for now we're starting to plant some seeds and grow seedlings in a small greenhouse.


Around this time of the year when the heat is not killing everyone and it's actually possible to be outside during the daytime we've been hosting different outdoor events such as public matanza / pig slaughter, scout camp, metal detecting event, bird watching hikes etc. Likewise, we keep offering our rooms / lounge for private events, birthday parties, New Year's Eve party etc.


Matanzas mostly are not for the public eye though, they're mostly private. As this colder time is more suitable for this kind of work, throughout the winter many matanzas are being held, many many typical sausages (chorizos and patateras) made and Iberian ham prepared.


While waiting for the European Solidarity Corps' volunteers to arrive in La Jarilla we've been doing some construction work and arranging their future home – chozos. In this day for example restoring the roof, with some help of our donkey Pepa.


Another day installing a heating system – a wood burning furnace.


Finally doing some long-needed organizing of tiles. Saving from goats what's still left in good condition.


And for the gastronomic delight – we finally have enough goat milk for feeding baby goats aaaand to be able to make some cheese for us.


On weekends we enjoy go hiking, mushroom picking and just to breathe some fresh air.