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Hostel La Jarilla

The Hostel La Jarilla situated on idyllic countryside for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts and all those who want to escape routine. Hostel is especially great for large groups of people providing a number of rooms and wide dining/meeting room. We have welcomed guests from all over Spain and Europe.

The lodge is ready to welcome up to 29 guests in 10 separate rooms all equipped with bathrooms and air conditioning. There is also a large chimney room that is great for meetings and dining. An ample space that allows us to realize diverse courses and practical workshops of ecology and crafts.

Although the hostel is not located close to urban areas, it has wireless internet, telephone, safe and TV among other services.

Events Hall

The lounge is a cozy place to relax and get together. It has a large fireplace that never lacks firewood to sit in front and observe the flame. It is spacious enough to perfectly allow us to prepare workshops such as ecological gardening or preparation of artisan cheeses.

There are a lot of chairs and folding tables that can be set up at any time to divide the hall in separate sections if necessary.

It is equipped with large windows that allow for sunlight to pass through for most of the day, overlooking the landscape of the creosote bush and typical huts of the ancient shepherds of Extremadura.


La Jarilla

The place called La Jarilla is located in a small valley about 1.5 kilometers from Plasenzuela and to get there follow the well-paved road.

It is surrounded by hundreds of holm oak trees next to hills riddled with large stone boulders softened and chiseled through the ages producing the typical image of Extremadura. Through the middle of it a small stream crosses the place reaching the village and dividing it in to two parts.

Several ecological associations have been allocated to this region praising the air purity as one of the purest in whole Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the reasons why the local flora and fauna here are so abundant. Along the walking trails it is not rare to cross with rabbits, civet cats and small mammals. Near the stream you might be able to find such salamander and triton species that are hardly found in other areas and are considered endangered.

Many people come to photograph the birds that nest in the area, such as Hawfinches, Kingfisher, Eagles, Hawks and occasionally Vultures flying over the site because of its close proximity to the National Park Monfragüe.

In La Jarilla we find the Hermitage by the same name where the inhabitants of Plasenzuela come once a year to celebrate its famous pilgrimage called the Cross of May. There are also two bridges built in pyramid shape and composed of several arcs. On the shores of the stream there can be found several piles, these pieces of stone used by women to wash clothes as it was done in ancient times.


There are many activities that can be performed in the hostel thanks to oleography of the land and size of the facilities. Notably, among others:

  • Bird watching.
  • Rock climbing.
  • Cheese making.
  • Hiking.
  • Trekking.
  • Ecological gardening workshop.
  • Stargazing.
  • Visit our small farm and orchard.

If you need any information about these activities you can send an email to or follow us on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

We are also open to other proposals, provided they are done with respect and care for the environment.

The hostel